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Thank you for your interest in membership into the most exclusive women’s networking organization in South Florida! When you join W.I.N.G. you are joining a group of elite, executive women, and business owners who believe we are the product of the 5 people we surround ourselves with. This is why W.I.N.G. is so effective; we share our network, and those women join, and they share their network, and so on and so on. It creates a very large web of very impressive, and highly connected women on the move. When you join, you get to bring another CSuite Executive, Business Owner, Key Decision Maker, Influencer, or Community Leader with you to each of our events. Do you see how we grow? Would you like to grow with us? Just fill out the form below. Membership into W.I.N.G. is by application or invitation only, in order to maintain our high standards.