Professional Relocation Package

Get your executive keyed in to the community quickly and easily!

W.I.N.G.™ offers a unique formula for successfully assimilating your new hires into a social and professional community of executive women.

An external program designed to create a happier employee and to help you build a competitive advantage, increasing retention by reducing the adjustment period for new hires, and improving their leadership success.

  • Improve/Increase retention of key female executives by assimilating them into a community of their female peers
  • Develop happier, well-adjusted executives in a relaxing and supportive environment
  • Provide a support system of female friends that manage or run a business
  • Shorter adjustment period for key personnel hires
  • Meet other executive and successful business owners from the community
  • Develop long lasting friendships that can turn into lucrative business relationships
  • Give back to the community by participating in the Inspiration University Foundation, a 501c3 that gives back to victims of domestic violence.