About Us

Inspiration University is an elite (yet spunky) businesswomen’s organization for high-level executives, and powerful entrepreneurs that have decided to set the world on fire by shattering the glass ceiling or by starting their own business! We ignite flames of confidence, courage, and support to help you discover work/life balance on your journey to success in your career and in your personal life. With monthly networking and leadership meetings in a luxurious spa (WING), life changing business and personal coaching services, and at our annual fabulous leadership conferences, where you will find other successful women who will cheer you on! You will meet other superstars that you can relate to, and you will create long lasting business relationships and establish deep caring friendships, the kind that most people dream of.

Our WING chapters are positioned to grow nationally and even internationally; partnering with the finest spas and resorts in the world, giving you that luxurious experience, from head to toe! When you visit a WING certified spa, you’ll be treated like royalty, and yet never pay retail! That’s why WING certified spas and resorts are your home for pampering and white glove treatment. Inspiration University is committed to giving back to the community by helping women that have seen the dark days of domestic violence join the ranks of business owners and great employees, while never losing our sense of humor or our dedication to the cause of women everywhere!