3 Simple Automation Tricks To Improve Your Time Management

By Megha Rodriguez, Automation Alchemist

clockMost of the busy women I know are looking for a way to maximize every moment in the day. Thanks to the technological innovations of today it’s easier to make better use of your precious 24 hours in each day.  Regardless of your profession or industry, there are some fairly common time wasters. In this article I’m going to give you some time management solutions for three of the biggest challenges.

Email Management
If you are like most people, your inbox is a constant source of distraction.  A great tool to help you manage the sending of emails is a freemium application called Boomerang that can be connected to Gmail or Outlook. This tool has many features such as being able to “send later” thus allowing you to send email on YOUR time schedule. This is great if you don’t want to respond immediately to an email or if your favorite time to send email is after the kids are sleeping – yet, you don’t want the whole world to know you are answering emails at ten o’clock at night! It also has features such as click tracking, response reminder (it will remind you if someone does not reply to your message), and the ability to make notes on sent emails.

Social Media Management
Don’t have time to waste on social media? You’ll want to check out Hootsuite. It is a web-based social media scheduling tool. You can connect your favorite social media accounts to it and then use the scheduling feature to disburse posts at future times. While it is not a good idea to schedule all of your social media content, this application allows for a great variance in times of day that you post content.  Therefore, even if you are busy all day, your social media presence doesn’t have to sit quietly waiting for you to get back to your desk.

Calendar Management
Scheduling appointments can turn into a total time waster. Imagine it…2 or 3 email exchanges (at least) just to figure out a time to meet someone for a quick coffee meeting! Use online scheduling software such as Acuity or Timetrade to put your appointment setting on autopilot. There are some free options out there, but typically it’s worth the small investment to enjoy the premium features such as integration with your calendar availability.

About Megha

Megha RodriguezMegha Rodriguez is a Business Growth Strategist, Speaker and Trainer. She is also lovingly referred to as the “Automation Alchemist” for her passion for helping non-techie business owners understand how to fine tune the chemistry of technology to automate repetitive tasks, expand their free time, boost revenue and transform their businesses into vehicles of freedom and prosperity.