You Can Step Off The Hamster Wheel

Dr_Gena_BofsheverBy Dr. Gena Bofshever

From the moment I wake up, to the moment where I finish checking Facebook before bed, my mind is racing. It feels as if I’m a hamster caught running on a wheel, unable to get off because I’m not quite sure how to keep my whole world from collapsing if and when I decide to do so. When is the next event I have to attend? What meetings do I have scheduled tomorrow? When and where is that business lunch? Do I have to move my pedicure so I can attend the company holiday fundraiser? I have electronic calendars, Post It notes in every color around my desk, notebooks, and piles of paper chock full of to-do lists, which miraculously never cease to finish. As overwhelming as it may feel, to see the endless lists everywhere I turn, I’d be lost without them. They exist so that I may maintain some semblance of sanity, routine, and normalcy in my life.

The feeling of sheer euphoria I feel as I near completion of each day’s tasks is wiped out in mere seconds as I add five more “must-get-dones” to the list I just removed seven completed tasks from. Luckily, I get about seven hours of sleep per night so that I can disconnect, relax, and muster up enough energy to continue on the hamster wheel the very next day. Although, I am fairly confident that my mind continues racing at the same pace during my “sleep”. Why, you ask? Well, because I wake up with a nightmare or the most brilliant business idea I’ve ever had in my entire life. Heaven forbid I don’t jot it down at 2:37am, as it will be lost and gone forever a few hours later when I’m back at it, sweating on my hamster wheel or being yelled at by my personal trainer for not squatting deep enough when the burn I am feeling is enough to make my quadricep muscles rip off of my thighs, literally.

Rest assured that, no, you are not alone. I have intimate personal and business relationships with women of varying backgrounds, young and old, single and married, plump and fit. So why is it that us strong, educated, beautiful, successful, and healthy entrepreneurs have to work so hard at keeping our lives in balance? Why do we feel the need to (literally) accomplish everything? Why do we want our cake, but not eat it for fear that we would have to spend more time on the treadmill and to be honest, our schedule does not allow for that. If we are looking to keep our sanity, something has to give.

Here is where having an overall master plan comes into play. I often talk with my patients about the five pillars of health and what they are doing in each category to not just survive the insanity, but rather to thrive in spite of it. When it comes to playing the ultimate balancing act, it comes down to the following: we must keep active (think exercise, but not solely in the gym), practice proper nutrition (reach for less processed foods, versus fad diets), get adequate amounts of quality rest (shut off the television), keep a positive mental attitude (through prayer, yoga and meditation) and have a properly functioning nervous system (think regular chiropractic care). Ladies, I am living proof that it can, in fact, all get done as long as we have our ultimate check list (our five pillars of health plan) laid out. We can step off the hamster wheel and we are going to be more than okay.

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