Beyonce’s anthem and why I too, lip sync… my Thanksgiving dinner

I’ve been thinking a lot about whether the rendition of the national anthem being live or being recorded really mattered to me.  I have to say, I was a bit disappointed.  Yes, I wanted to hear Beyonce’ belt it out!  I wanted her to bring me to tears with the rockets red glare, and the bombs bursting, and the flag waving….I wanted the crowd to go crazy, just like they do at all the football games, just before the singer is supposed to hit the high note!  I wanted red, white and blue, and God bless America.  But then I realized Beyonce’ was having the very same fears as I do, each and every Thanksgiving.  For years, I put off having “Thanksgiving Dinner” at my house.  I’d bring every side dish known to man to YOUR house!  You want potatoes?  I’ll bring ‘em mashed, baked, with cheese, with cream, sweet, yellow, white, heck, I’ll make the chives all pretty and curly.  How about cranberry sauce, the fresh kind, not the canned kind…with some cayenne pepper?  How about sweet with some orange rind?  Veggies? What kind?  Broccoli (with cheese, or butter) green beans (almondine, in some thick globby sauce that my mom used to make and topped with those crunchy onion thingys?) I think you get my point…I would do WHATEVER IT TOOK not to make the turkey.  Why, you ask?  It’s simple….IF YOU RUIN THE TURKEY, YOU RUIN THANKSGIVING!   You know EXACTLY what I mean…I could create the most amazing gourmet dishes, worked and cooked them for days, and all that everyone would remember was that the turkey was dry.  I can hear my aunt Garland now…”it was a lovely attempt, but the turkey was dry, next year, I’ll have it at my house”.  Everyone would agree..we would eat at my Aunt’s house, and I would be humiliated.  See?  It’s just the very fear that Beyonce’ was having!  First of all, (and Beyonce’ you know I love you), she isn’t the strongest singer on the planet, and IF YOU DON’T NAIL IT AT THE INAUGURATION, YOU RUIN THE INAUGURATION!!!  So, that my friends, is why she pre-recorded her performance.  It was really cold (did you hear my favorite singer, James Taylor not do so well?), and her voice probably would have cracked….and like I said “THE INAUGURATION WOULD HAVE BEEN RUINED”.

So Beyonce’, I feel for you.  I know what it’s like to have the pressure of Thanksgiving dinner thrust upon my shoulders.  I know that scorned looks of family and friends when a tradition, so steeped into our culture, gets messed up even in the slightest.  This brings me to my Thanksgiving confession.  I have purchased a pre-cooked Turkey from Delaware Chicken Farm, placed it on a beautiful silver tray, lined with Romaine leaves, oranges, limes, and fresh bay leaves…AND PASSED IT OFF AS MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, you go Beyonce’!  We enjoyed your rendition, and I, for one, appreciate that you cared enough for the tradition of the day, to have delivered your very best!

PS…You and Jay and Blue Ivy are welcomed to stop by for dinner next Thanksgiving.  I can cook a delicious turkey now…the secret is to brine!